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Beyond Mutational Profiling: Enhancing Cancer Biomarker Strategies with RNA

Speaker(s): Sean Ferree, PhD, Vice President of Product Development, NanoString


Nov 28, 2018

9:00 am PST

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The LSC17 score for rapid risk determination in AML

Speaker(s): Jean C.Y. Wang, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, Toronto


Nov 13, 2018

9:00am PST

Defining the function of genes associated with chronic inflammatory diseases: The nCounter® Autoimmune Discovery Consortium Panel

Speaker(s): Lars Rogge, PhD, Director, Immunoregulation Unit, Institut Pasteur Paris


Nov 07, 2018

9:00AM PDT

Understanding the impact of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on the immune microenvironment in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC)

Speaker(s): Greg Lesinski, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine


Oct 30, 2018

9:00am PST

Characterization of the tumor immune microenvironment in breast cancer patients with germline BRCA mutations

Speaker(s): Dr. Jeremy Force, Medical Oncologist, Duke University


Oct 24, 2018

9:00am PST

Understanding variability in induced immune responses

Speaker(s): Darragh Duffy, PhD, Institut Pasteur, Paris


Oct 17, 2018

9:00am PST

Comprehensive analysis of microglia across neuropathological stages of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

Speaker(s): Stefan Prokop, MD. University of Penn School of Medicine


Sep 25, 2018

Take on the challenges of Autoimmunity research with the nCounter® Analysis System

Speaker(s): Kirsteen Maclean, PhD, Principal Field Application Scientist, NanoString


Jul 18, 2018

Morphology-Driven, High-Plex Spatial Analysis of Immune Protein Expression in Lung Cancer

Speaker(s): David Rimm, MD, PhD, Yale University and Doug Hinerfeld, PhD, NanoString


Jun 07, 2018

9:30am PST

Cost effective, robust digital gene expression profiling of up to 96 targets in 96 samples for cell line screening with nCounter® PlexSet™ Reagents

Speaker(s): Chris Merritt, PhD

LabRoots Virtual Conference- Genetics & Genomics 2018


May 10, 2018

10:30 a.m. (PST)