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Hepatic transcriptional profiling in mouse models of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Speaker(s): Teresa Cardoso Delgado, PhD, Liver Disease Lab, CIC bioGUNE


Oct 22, 2020

9:00am PDT / 6:00pm CEST

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Oncology October Webinar Series

Speaker(s): University of Queensland, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Nottingham Trent University, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


Oct 14, 2020

9:00am PT

The Impact of Breast Cancer Heterogeneity on Therapeutic Approach

Speaker(s): Dr. Jane Bayani, Principal Research Scientist, Department of Diagnostic Development, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


Jul 30, 2020

9:00am PDT / 6:00pm CEST

Investigating the Host Response to SARS-CoV-2

Speaker(s): James R. Heath, PhD, President and Professor, Institute for Systems Biology & Joseph Beechem, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and SVP of R&D, NanoString Technologies


Jul 23, 2020

9:00am PDT / 6:00pm CEST

Spatial analysis of the tumor and its microenvironment with Illumina Sequencing and NanoString Technologies


Jul 07, 2020

10:00 am PDT - 11:00 am PDT
Webinar with Live Q&A

Implementing Digital Spatial Profiling as a Service: A Core Lab Case Study

Speaker(s): Valeria Mezzano, MD, PhD, Research Scientist, Experimental Pathology, Division of Advanced Research Technologies, New York Langone Medical Center

A GenomeWeb Webinar Presentation


Jun 24, 2020

8:00am PDT / 5:00pm CEST

Deciphering the neuropathology of c9ALS/FTD and Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 36

Speaker(s): Zachary McEachin, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine


Jun 18, 2020

9:00am PDT / 6:00pm CEST

Insights into the Pathogenesis of COVID-19 as Revealed by Spatial Biology

Speaker(s): Joseph M. Beechem, PhD - Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President Of Research and Development, NanoString Technologies & Christopher E. Mason, PhD - Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine & Robert E. Schwartz, MD, PhD - Assistant Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine

A LabRoots Virtual Event


Jun 17, 2020

1:30pm PDT / 10:30pm CEST

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Next Generation sequencing based spatial gene expression profiling solution

Speaker(s): Marshall Feterl, NanoString/ Anthony Beckhouse, Illumina


Jun 11, 2020

June 11, 2020, 2 pm, GMT+8