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Join us for our upcoming Virtual Events!

In light of the need to implement social distancing and working more in the virtual space, we at NanoString want to support you in advancing your scientific projects. We will be running a series of virtual events every week. Ranging from short discussions while you have your daily coffee to virtual office hours with NanoString technical experts. Stay tuned every Friday as we update you to all the virtual events we will be running at NanoString!

JULY 20 - 24


Special Event: Investigating the Host Response to SARS-CoV-2 | REGISTER

In this webinar, Joseph Beechem, PhD, NanoString Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Vice President, Research and Development, will discuss our most recent understanding of how the host immune system responds to SARs-CoV-2 and the myriad ways in which NanoString research tools can be used to study pathogenesis and aid in vaccine & therapy development.

JULY 27-31


Exclusive Event: The Impact of Breast Cancer Heterogeneity on Therapeutic Approach | REGISTER

This webinar presentation will discuss transcriptional profiles taken from multifocal and unifocal breast cancers with the nCounter® Breast Cancer 360™ Panel and analyzed with the Breast Cancer 360 Data Analysis Report as well as the potential impact of tumor heterogeneity on treatment decision making.  As part of a larger study of tumor heterogeneity, these transcriptional profiles will be integrated with targeted sequencing of key cancer driver genes to identify the extent of DNA diversity. This will allow a move towards improving not only risk asessement, but stratification for targeted therapies; ultimately improving the clinical management of breast cancer.

On-Demand Events:

Missed one of our events? Don't worry, click the links below in order to watch them on demand! Or contact us to request additional information.

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) Series:

Illumina & NanoString Co-Sponsored Webinar on the NGS Readout for GeoMx DSP

NanoString for Spatial Profiling: Introduction to GeoMx DSP

GeoMx DSP Software Demo

GeoMx DSP for Breast Cancer Research

GeoMx DSP for Neuroscience Research

GeoMx DSP Publication Watch

GeoMx DSP Oncology Publications

GeoMx Cancer Transcriptome Atlas

Spatial Genomics with GeoMx DSP and Advanced Cell Diagnostics

GeoMx DSP Experimental Design & Case Studies

GeoMx DSP and NHP Applications

GeoMx DSP Cancer Transcriptome Atlas

All Things Grants! An Interview with a Grant Writer and Grant Reviewer


nCounter for Gene Expression Analysis Series:

NanoString for Gene Expression: Introduction to nCounter Technology

nCounter Glial Profiling

nCounter Breast Cancer 360

nCounter Breast Cancer 360 Data Analysis Report Review

nCounter Fibrosis

nCounter miRNA Analysis

nCounter T-Cell Profiling & CAR-T Characterization

nCounter Tumor Signaling 360

nCounter Human Organ Transplant 

nCounter Custom Gene Expression Solutions

Best Practices using Biofluids and Lysates

Best Practices using Low Input Samples

nSolver Software Training (Basic Analysis)

nSolver Software Training (Advanced Analysis)

IO 360 Data Analysis Service Report

miRNA Data Analysis Fundamentals

Panel Pro Selection Tool Demo Walkthrough

Comparative Immunology - Examining gene signatures in canine discoid lupus erythematosus - Special Guest Speaker

Metabolic Profiling - Bilirubin inhibits Th17 cell immunity in Crohn’s disease by curbing glycolysis-related genes- Special Guest Speaker

All Things Grants! An Interview with a Grant Writer and Grant Reviewer


COVID-19 & Infectious Disease Series: 

Infectious Disease Overview

Infectious Disease Case Studies

Autoimmunity & COVID-19

Technology Development for COVID-19 Research | Request Presentation Slides

COVID-19 & Immune Profiling Research

NEW COVID-19 Product: Host Immune Response & Tools for Research

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