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UIC GeoMx DSP Webinar

SPEAKER: Colleen Urben, NanoString Technologies

May 27, 2020

12:30 PM Central Time
LOCATION: Zoom Meeting

The Spatial Biology SolutionTM

• Explore biology with more targets (>20,000) and more analytes (RNA & Protein) to get your publishable discovery data faster.

• Experience automated or customized region of interest (ROI) selection based on the true biology of the sample. From tumor and microenvironment down to single cell resolution, flexible selection allows you to get answers faster.

• Expand your research scope and/or collaborations to access more sample types. From FFPE and Fresh Frozen to the most challenging sample types, your research is not limited by type of sample leading to broader discovery and faster data.


Please join us for a webinar covering GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling (DSP). During the presentation, we will highlight:

• How GeoMx DSP differs from other methods used to spatially resolve proteins and nucleic acids in tissue slices.

• Learn how our GeoMx DSP spatially resolves proteins and RNA at significantly higher multiplex (96 proteins, 18,000 RNAs) within multiple, specific regions of interest.

• Applications covering biomarker discovery, mechanism of action, rare cell characterization and tissue mapping.