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A Tail of Two Species: Oncology Studies with the nCounter Canine IO Panel

SPEAKER: Dr Erin Piazza

Sep 17, 2020

3PM (BST) / 4PM (CEST)
LOCATION: Live Webinar with Q&A session

Clinical trials in oncology are fraught with challenges, and too many drugs fail due to a lack of efficacy. Our pre-clinical models in rodents often fail to adequately model human cancer, and better strategies are needed to yield more useful data before drugs reach human trials. Canines develop spontaneous tumors that more accurately model human disease, and more dog owners are turning to canine oncologists for treatment of their pets, creating an opportunity to learn from our dogs as we extend their lifespans. We have partnered with a consortium of canine oncologists and researchers to build the ultimate tool for comparative oncology in canines, called the nCounter Canine IO panel. This panel mirrors content in our human IO panels for comparative studies, but at the same time it was built with canine biology and genetics in mind. We look forward to the discoveries to come with this tool, and the benefits for both man and his best friend.