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NanoString Seminar in Münster

Lunch Seminar: NanoString's Novel Digital Genes & Protein Expression Tools - Host: Jan Bruder

SPEAKER: Speaker: Helmut von Keyserling

Nov 09, 2018

From 1pm to 2:30pm - lunch will be served
LOCATION: MPI for Molecular Biomedicine, Ground Floor Seminar Room, Roentgenstrasse 20, 48149 Münster

    Nanostring utilizes a novel barcode  technology for enzyme- and amplification free mRNA, DNA, and protein profiling applications. The single tube and  extraction-free workflow requires only 10 minutes of hands-on time to examine multiple pathways with hundreds of genes in up to 96 samples per run. The streamlined workflow eliminates cDNA synthesis and  amplification which results in bias-free digital data with less technical variation. The methodology also enables the analysis of any combination of highly multiplexed DNAs, RNAs, and proteins simultaneously using a single detector. We recently refined this so-called 3D Biology approach to tissue sections mounted on glass slides while preserving morphology as well as spatial information. Here we discuss key publications that show the different assays and formats as well as the technical performance of the system.




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