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NanoString at Queen's University, Belfast

Faster than qPCR, Simpler than NGS.

SPEAKER: Jim White, Manager - Field Applications Support | NanoString Technologies

Jun 27, 2018

12:00 - 1:00pm
LOCATION: Queen's University - Belfast
Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology
Basement Seminar Room

Please join us for a seminar to learn why NanoString's Gene Expression panels are the quickest way to obtain high-quality data from your samples. 

Lunch will be provided, be sure to register and save your seat. 


The Hallmarks of Cancer are one of the most widely recognized organizing priciples for the hollistic study of cancer. They define a distinct set of acquired capabilities that distinguish cancer from normal tissue. This framework is often the first roadmap researchers use to study all types of cancer and is the foundation of our PanCancer panels. 


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