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NanoString nSolver™ Training

Also hear about ROSALIND®  workflow for processing and analyzing nCounter data

SPEAKER: Bryan Serrels Ph.D.

Nov 24, 2020

10 - 11 AM GMT / 11 AM -12PM CET
LOCATION: Webinar with Live Q&A

Are you running your samples on the nCounter® platform?
Join our live sessions to learn how simple it is to see your results!

In 30 minutes you will learn how to:
1. Import RCC files
2. Check for quality control flags
3. Perform a basic QC
4. Generate normalised data
5. Export your final data

In addition, NanoString has partnered with OnRamp Bioinformatics to integrate our knowledge and expertise into an optimized analysis experience for nCounter with the ROSALIND® Analysis Platform. Bryan will give a short overview to introduction to the ROSALIND workflow for processing and analyzing nCounter data.