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NanoString at Institute for Systems Biology (ISB)

Cupcakes provided, register today!

SPEAKER: Maxine McClain, Ph.D., Senior Field Application Scientist

Mar 13, 2018

1:30-2:30PM PST
LOCATION: Institute for Systems Biology
Conference Room 106

Come learn about one of ISB's greatest spin-outs, NanoString technology! Enjoy cupcakes and hear about how the novel digital molecular bar code has been utilized for a multitude of applications since it's development under Lee Hood's direction. We will be celebrating the launch of a new instrument and applications that have allowed researchers all over the world to embark on studies that were previously inconceivable. 
Topics covered will include applications in miRNA/biomarkers, off-the-shelf solutions for cancer/immunology, neuropathology, stem cell research, high through-put gene expression, single-cell gene expression, and translational research.


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