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NanoString Digital Spatial Profiling Seminar at UNC

Join us and your peers in North Carolina for an insightful seminar focused on the latest NanoString advances in both life science research and clinical diagnostic applications.

SPEAKER: Niro Ramachandran PhD - Sr. Director of Product Management & Erica Pawlak PhD - Field Application Scientist

Sep 13, 2018

11:00am - 12:00pm
LOCATION: 1131 Bioinformatics

After a brief introduction to the technology, we will provide an overview of recent publications that have used the platform to help drive new discoveries. NanoString will discuss new and exciting applications and technologies like our IO360™ and Breast Cancer 360™ Panels specifically designed for translational research, Digital Spatial Profiling (DSP), & PlexSet™ high-throughput assays.
NanoString’s enzyme-free, multi-analyte quantification platform and hybridization chemistry is 100% digital. The technology can accelerate your research beyond RT-PCR and RNAseq and can be used for analyzing mRNA, miRNA, CNV, Fusions, SNV, and Protein.
NanoString’s DSP technology combines standard immunofluorescence techniques with digital optical barcoding technology to perform highly multiplexed, spatially resolved profiling experiments to quantify protein or RNA expression.
Refreshments will be provided


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