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NanoString at Bauer Core Facility

Faster than qPCR, simpler than NGS. Multiplexing Re-imagined.

SPEAKER: Erroll Rueckert, PhD | Sr. Regional Account Manager | NanoString Technologies

Jun 13, 2018

1:00 - 2:00PM
LOCATION: Bauer Core Facility
Northwest Building, B253 Basement
52 Oxford St.

In this seminar, we will introduce NanoString technology and highlight our newest product developments including our easy-to-use 96-sample architecture (PlexSet). Multiplex up to 96 custom probes (or choose from preselected pathway panels) across 96 samples to generate 9,216 data points per run with only 30 minutes of hands-on time. Utilization of lysed cells eliminates the need for RNA purification and amplification; save resources with an efficient workflow that does not require cDNA conversions, replicates, or prior probe optimizations.

Lunch will be provided, so make sure to reserve your seat! 


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