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Australia User Group Meetings 2018- Melbourne

Hosted by Bio-Strategy

SPEAKER: Multiple Speakers

Jul 27, 2018

8:30 - 16:00
LOCATION: Melbourne Brain Centre; University of Melbourne
Parkville Potter Auditorium
Level 5 Kenneth Myer Building



9:00: Welcome & Speaker Introductions

Brant Bassam, PhD | Bio-Strategy

9:10: Introduction

Paul Rasmussen, PhD | NanoString Technologies

9:25: New Developments, Digital Spatial Profiling (DSP) 

Joseph M. Beechem, PhD | NanoString Technologies

10:20: DSP Early Access Program Data from Bone Marrow tissue

Rachel Koldej, PhD | Royal Melbourne Hospital 

10:40: Coffee Break

11:10: Panels Update & Data Analysis Services

Wenjie Xu, PhD | NanoString Technologies

11:35: PlexSet Update

Brant Bassam, PhD | Bio-Strategy

12:00: Development and commercialisation of Melaseq - a human melanoma diagnostic assay

Ryan Van Lar, PhD | Geneseq Biosciences

12:20: Lunch Break

13:10: Hyb&Seq™: NanoString Sequencer Update

Joseph M. Beechem, PhD | NanoString Technologies

14:00: From gene to gene set to gene signature: unlocking biology from high dimensional data

Wenjie Xu, PhD | NanoString Technologies

15:00: Q&A 

Various Speakers

15:45: Wrap Up

Brant Bassam, PhD | Bio-Strategy


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