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Breast Cancer Symposium: Centre Oscar Lambret (Lille, France)

Clinical relevance of molecular profiling with Prosigna® as diagnostic tool for Early Stage Breast Cancer: From innovation to a clinical reality

SPEAKER: Pr. Jacques Bonneterre, Dr. Yves-Marie Robin and Dr. Nawale Hajjaji (Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille)

Apr 17, 2018

19.30 - 22.00 local time
LOCATION: Salle de Formation A, du Centre Oscar Lambret
3 Rue Frédéric Combemale
59000 Lille

Learn about the experience of Centre Oscar Lambret (Lille-France) with Prosigna® Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay that identifies your patients’ 10-year risk of distant recurrence and classifies accurately breast cancer into 1 of the 4 intrinsic subtypes. What is the clinical utility of genomic signatures? For which patients? What consequences for therapeutic decisions? Examples of clinical cases will be presented.


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