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An Introduction to NanoString Technologies in Glasgow

Meet NanoString at The Atrium and learn more about how our technology can help accelerate your research

SPEAKER: Ian Gatherar & Nicco Mariani

Aug 23, 2019

10:00am - 14:00pm
LOCATION: The Atrium
Beatson Institute for Cancer Research
Glasgow, G61 1BD

NanoString Technologies proudly invites you to meet the experts in The Atrium in Glasgow where you will learn all about NanoString's enzyme-free, multi-analyte quantification platform and hybridization chemistry that is 100% digital.

You will meet some of our experts - Ian Gatherar and Nicco Mariani - who will share more information on the NanoString technology, as well as introducing our new panels for Metabolic Pathways, Fibrosis, CAR-T and Autoimmunity.

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