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2nd Annual Spatial Genomics Summit 2020

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SPEAKER: Mutliple speakers

Feb 23, 2020

12:00 - 4:00 PM
LOCATION: JW Marriott Marco Island

The 2nd Annual Spatial Genomics Summit: Beyond the Technology and Onto Biology

This Pre-AGBT event will cover the latest GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler updates, and it will highlight new projects from users at Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Garvin Institute:

  • Learn how to discover new biomarkers that are hidden in traditional bulk assays or single cell RNA sequencing.
  • Find out how Spatial Genomics is enabling novel discoveries now in a new spatial- temporal dimension.

Summit Presenters:

  • Joseph Beechem | NanoString Technologies
    • Delivering on the Promise of Spatial Genomics
  • Katherine McNamara | Stanford University
    • Spatial proteomic characterization of the tumor and immune microenvironment reveals features associated with response to neoadjuvant HER2-targeted therapy
  • Peter Nelson | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
    • Spatial landscape of the immune microenvironment in metastatic prostate cancer using GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler
  • Alex Swarbrick | Garvan Institute
    • Mapping intratumoural heterogeneity of triple negative breast cancer through integrated single cell RNA-Sequencing and whole transcriptome Digital Spatial Profiling
  • Kenny Roberts | Wellcome Sanger Institute
    • Neural stem cell differentiation trajectories in the developing human brain revealed by whole transcriptome in situ spatial profiling
  • Jonathan Chen | Broad Institute
    • Single Cell Programs of Immune Activation in Human MSI vs MSS Colorectal Carcinoma

Everyone is welcome, no AGBT attendance required to participate.


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