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nCounter Publication Watch

2020: Science Didn’t Stop. Publications Watch.

In early March 2020, when the world turned upside down, we at NanoString told ourselves and our customers “Science doesn’t stop, neither should you” and it turns out our customers…

Katie Buchanan / May 10, 2021
3d model of a celular structure

Infectious Disease Publication Watch

The Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine Ushers in Hope for 2021

Vaccines: biological agents eliciting an immune response to a specific antigen derived from an infectious disease-causing pathogen. The concept of a “vaccine” emerged in 1796 when Edward Jenner developed the…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / January 19, 2021
3d model of a celular structure

Infectious Disease Publication Watch

COVID-19: The Fall Edition

Normally, the months of September and October are dotted with important dates—end of summer barbeques, the first day of school, joyful plans for Halloween and excitement for the upcoming Holiday…

NanoString Admin / November 12, 2020

GeoMx Publication Watch

5 Important Pubs that Explore the Tumor Microenvironment

Exploration is in our DNA. As Homo Sapiens developed in the habitable regions of Africa, search of new food sources, climate changes, and mere curiosity pushed us beyond our confines…

Katie Buchanan / October 19, 2020
3d model of a celular structure

Immunology Infectious Disease Publication Watch

COVID-19 Pathogenesis Steps Out of the Shadows

“Analysis of pulmonary vessels showed that widespread thrombosis with microangiopathy ─ a severe condition wherein small blood clots are formed within the tiniest of blood vessels ─ was 9x more…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / July 20, 2020
Blue background showing lab materials

Publication Watch

Top Ten Challenges in Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy (CIT) research and investments have progressed in the past few years thanks to its successful application across a…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / May 18, 2020
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Autoimmunity Events Neuroscience Oncology Publication Watch

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

Last year marked remarkable progress for our customers, with hundreds of scientists making exceptional strides in their fields thanks to NanoString® technologies. 2019 saw the commercial launch of the GeoMx™…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / January 15, 2020
Colored scan of T lymphocytes and a cancer cell

Publication Watch

NanoString-based publications 2018: A year in review

2018 was an incredibly productive year for scientific publications showcasing the NanoString platform and assays. We added nearly 500 publications of various scientific disciplines which are available on our website here.…

Kirsteen Maclean / January 21, 2019
Graphic of the Cancer Immunogram

Publication Watch

The Cancer Immunogram: A Picture of Personalized Medicine

What do we already know about tumor-immune system interactions, and how can this information be used to help guide us toward the best therapeutic choice? That is exactly the question…

Alessandra Cesano / December 27, 2016