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nFORM BLOG- Neuroscience

Rediscovering Microglia: Q&A with Dr. Oleg Butovsky, Harvard

Dr. Oleg Butovsky discusses his lab’s focus on the fundamental questions surrounding microglia biology and why these cells are so important for the potential treatment of a wide range of neurological diseases.

April 19, 2018

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nFORM BLOG- Digital Spatial Profiling

Revolutionizing Tissue Analysis with Digital Spatial Profiling

Michael Davies, MD, PhD, from the MD Anderson Cancer Center, shares some of his early research data in utilizing Digital Spatial Profiling. Dr. Davies and his team investigated protein signaling pathways and anti-tumor immune response in heterogeneous melanoma as well as RNA expression studies.

May 10, 2018

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nCounter® Analysis in Complex Biology:

Gene expression profile predicts response to pembrolizumab

A video review of JCI publication by Ayers, et al:
IFN-γ–related mRNA profile predicts clinical response to PD-1 blockade

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