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nFORM BLOG - Fusion

Q&A with Drs. Torsten Nielsen and Tony Ng and Angela Goytain: Development of a Sarcoma Gene Fusion Assay Faster than FISH and Simpler than NGS


We sat down with Torsten Nielsen, MD, PhD - The University of British Columbia, Tony Ng, MD, PhD - The University of British Columbia & Angela Goytain - Jack Bell Research Pavilion to discuss their work with Sarcoma Gene Fusions.

April 9, 2019

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nFORM BLOG - Autoimmunity

Q&A with Dr. Salla Keskitalo: Challenges and Opportunities in Studying Rare and Ultra-rare Autoimmune Diseases



We recently spoke with one of our Autoimmunity Grant Program winners, Dr. Salla Keskitalo from the University of Helsinki to learn about her work studying rare and ultra-rare autoimmune diseases.

April 15, 2019


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