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Product Literature and Gene Lists

Below you will find product literature and gene lists describing NanoString products. To view and/or download, click on the product header line link. To access additional information and resources, please proceed to our Customer SIGN IN / REGISTER page.

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nCounter Reporter CodeSet
PDF | 84.61k |

MSDS for the nCounter Reporter CodeSet; one of two probe sets that make up the gene expression assay
nCounter Capture ProbeSet
PDF | 84.64k |

MSDS for the nCounter Capture CodeSet; one of two probe sets that make up the gene expression assay
nCounter Hybridization Buffer
PDF | 132.57k |

MSDS for the nCounter Hybridization Buffer; one of the gene expression assay reagents
nCounter Imaging Oil
PDF | 56.99k |

MSDS for the nCounter Imaging Oil, used for imaging the sample cartridge for data collection
nCounter Prep Plate
PDF | 95.92k |

MSDS for the nCounter Hybridization Prep Plate; pre-filled and sealed plates containg reagents for the gene expression assay
PDF | 182.51k |

MSDS for Ligase; Intended use: ligation of customer samples
Ligation Buffer
PDF | 175.38k |

MSDS for Ligation Buffer; Intended use: ligation of customer samples
Ligation Clean-up Enzyme
PDF | 141.34k |

MSDS for for Ligation Clean-up Enzyme; Intended use: clean-up of ligated customer samples
miRNA Annealing Buffer
PDF | 137.6k |

MSDS for for miRNA Annealing Buffer; Intended use: annealing of customer miRNA samples
miRNA Tag Reagent
PDF | 84.02k |

MSDS for the nCounter miRNA Tag Reagent; Intended use: unique and specific modification of miRNA molecules
PDF | 83.83k |

MSDS for PEG, intended use: molecular biology reagent
SDS Antibody Mix
PDF | 384.83k |

SDS Reagent A
PDF | 329.67k |

SDS Reagent B
PDF | 329.89k |

SDS Reagent C
PDF | 405.49k |

SDS Probe Pool
PDF | 291.23k |

MSDS Imaging Oil
PDF | 56.99k |

SDS-Probe Pool
PDF | 291.23k |

MSDS miRNA Assay Controls
PDF | 84.45k |

Ligase (French)
PDF | 90.36k |

Ligase (Spanish)
PDF | 144.24k |

Ligase Buffer(French)
PDF | 85.69k |

Ligase Buffer (Spanish)
PDF | 86.12k |

miRNA Tag Reagent(French)
PDF | 135.95k |

PDF | 85.34k |

PDF | 85.66k |

SDS - Buffer LH
PDF | 317.04k |

SDS - Buffer W
PDF | 294.01k |

SDS - Cell Capture Bead
PDF | 261.51k |