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nCounter® PanCancer Panels Collection

n®Counter PanCancer Profiles Collection

Pathway Deregulation • Immune Profiling • Cancer Progression

A collection of gene expression panels developed around the Hallmarks of Cancer

The Hallmarks of Cancer are one of the most widely recognized organizing principles for the holistic study of cancer today. Its profoundly simple framework was first introduced in 2000 by authors Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg and defines a distinct set of acquired capabilities that distinguish cancer from normal tissue. The Hallmarks help explain the complexities of cancer by describing a common set of capabilities present in cancer cells. These processes that, if unstopped, will allow cancer cells to thrive and proliferate in the unique tumor environment they create. This framework, represented in the now famous Hallmarks of Cancer wheel, is often the first roadmap researchers use to study all types of cancer. NanoString has embraced the Hallmarks of Cancer philosophy and shares the vision to bring simplicity to an otherwise extremely complex disease and to enable productive research. Our collection of three nCounter PanCancer Panels delivers a family of multiplex gene expression assays to enable basic and translational research into pathway deregulation studies, the emerging area of immune profiling, and cancer progression.


REFERENCE The Hallmarks of Cancer. Originally published in Cell, 144, Hanahan D & Weinberg RA, Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation, 646–674, Copyright Elsevier 2011.

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Highlights of the PanCancer Panel Collection

  • Comprehensive coverage of all ten Hallmarks of Cancer included in three distinct panels.
  • > 1,850 unique genes included across all panels.
  • Customize with up to 30 additional user-defined genes.
  • Compatible with protein panels for multi-omic assays.

The PanCancer Panels Collection

  • nCounter PanCancer Pathways Panel
    Understand basic cancer biology and pathway deregulation.
  • nCounter Vantage™ RNA:Protein Immune Cell Profiling Panel
    Explore the immune response to cancer.
  • nCounter PanCancer Progression Panel
    Investigate cancer progression and metastasis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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