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nCounter Vantage™ RNA Panels

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nCounter Vantage RNA Panels

Topics in Cancer Biology and Immuno-Oncology

The NEW nCounter Vantage RNA Panels are a collection of focused gene expression panels addressing traditional and cutting-edge topics in the field of cancer research. Vantage RNA Panels are designed for use with human samples and include 192 genes per panel with the option to customize with up to 24 user-defined genes.

nCounter Vantage™ RNA Panel Uses:

  • Follow up to discovery work with focus on a particular pathway or research topic.
  • Study just your area of interest with a targeted set of key genes.
  • Explore new areas of biology with a ready-to-use curated set of genes.

nCounter Vantage RNA Panel Include:

  • 192 genes in each panel
  •    - 180 content-associated genes
  •    - 12 housekeeping genes
  • Option to customize with user-defined genes
  • Multiplexed gene panel does not come with mastermix kit, it needs to be purchased separately.
  • Premade panels are available to ship next day in multiples of 12 reactions.
  • Curated Gene Content
  • Customize Any Panel

nCounter Vantage RNA Panels are available with the option to customize with up to 24 user-defined genes. Customizing a panel allows researchers the convenience of an off-the-shelf product along with the flexibility to create a panel that is uniquely your own. Additionally, nCounter Vantage RNA Panels can be combined with protein analysis using the nCounter Vantage Protein Panels.

  • Add your favorite genes
  • Build in your specific controls
  • Add 30 protein targets (link)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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