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nSolver™ Analysis Software

Automated QC, Normalization, and Analysis for Your nCounter Data

The nSolver™ Analysis Software is a data analysis program that offers nCounter users the ability to quickly and easily QC, normalize, and analyze their data without having to purchase additional software packages. The nSolver software also provides seamless integration and compatibility with other software packages designed for more complex analyses and visualizations.

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Product Highlights

  • Free download for all nCounter users
  • Available for both OS X® and Windows®
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user-interface
  • Automated QC, normalization, and analysis
  • Easily compare a variety of normalization and analysis methods
  • Easy and flexible export options

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: After registering for a customer account and logging into our customer resources pages/full-access site, please proceed to the Support > Customer Resources > Request nSolver Software* page and fill out the request form. Upon submission of the form, you will be automatically directed to the nSolver Software Download page. Select the nSolver version and click the heading/title to initiate download of zip file.

  • Quickly import and export data to and from all nCounter assays
  • Perform automated background subtraction corrections for miRNA and miRGE™ data
  • Implement customized quality control on samples/lanes
  • Easily design, save, and edit user-defined experiments
  • Perform customized normalization and fold change measurements
  • Perform copy number calculations for CNV assays
  • Easily integrate with pathway applications
  • Conveniently generate multiple reports
  • Perform comprehensive and detailed search from anywhere in the application

NOTE: miRNA and miRGE™ correction factor adjustments will be automatically applied during import into nSolver. For miRNA CodeSets delivered prior to October 25th, 2011, these legacy RCC files must be converted to the new RCC format for import into nSolver. Contact nSolverSupport@nanostring.com in order to have the nSolver Support team convert your legacy miRNA files to the new format.

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