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nCounter Analysis System
nCounter® Analysis System


nCounter® Analysis System

One Powerful, Fully Automated System for Translational Research

The nCounter® Analysis System from NanoString Technologies offers a simple, cost-effective way to profile hundreds of mRNAs, microRNAs, or DNA targets simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision. Digital detection of target molecules and high levels of multiplexing eliminate the compromise between data quality and data quantity, producing gold-standard sensitivity and reproducibility for studies of hundreds of targets. NanoString's system uses molecular “barcodes” and single-molecule imaging to detect and count hundreds of unique transcripts in a single reaction. Unlike other methods, the protocol does not include any amplification steps that might introduce bias to the results.

NEW High Sensitivity Protocol - (Prep Station software update)

Our most recent update is focused on optimizing the binding of the purified probe-target tripartite complex to the slide surface, which results in higher and more reproducible digital counts per sample. This optimization involves the priming of the Cartridge binding surface prior to sample introduction combined with extending the time provided for binding of the probe-target complex to the slide surface.

  • Increased fold-change sensitivity
  • Increased system sensitivity (more genes detected)
  • Reduced input material option
    (50ng for gene expression and miRNA applications; 150ng for CNV)

Early Access updates in progress - Please contact us for more information at 1 888 358 6266
or e-mail support@nanostring.com.

Tech Note: nCounter® System Enhancement Provides Improved
Fold-Change Sensitivity and Increases the Number of Detectable Genes

nCounter System Enhancement


  • No amplification, no RT,
    no bias
  • High sensitivity, precision, digital quantification
  • GMP/ISO 13485 compliant


  • Multiplex up to 800 targets in a single reaction
  • Analyze FFPE, lysates, total RNA
  • Less bench-time, faster time to study completion


  • Fully-automated
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 15-minutes hands-on time


Simplified, User-friendly and Efficient Workflow

Digital quantification of nucleic acids in three simple steps.

nCounter Workflow

    Delivers 10,000s of Precise Data Points Every Day

    Digital detection of target molecules and high levels of multiplexing means no compromise between data quality and data quantity. Data output files include the target identifier and count number along with a comprehensive set of internal controls that enables each assay to be highly quantitative and reproducible.

    nCounter® Analysis System Specifications

    • Specifications
    • Prep Station
    • Digital Analyzer
    • Literature

    System Specifications

    Specifications Prep Station Digital Analyzer
    Operating Temperature 18°C - 28°C 18°C - 28°C
    Humidity 20 - 80% (non-condensing) 20 - 80% (non-condensing)
    Pollution degree 2 2
    Power source 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Power source 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Power draw 610VA 610VA
    Dimensions 67 x 89 x 63 cm 66 x 66 x 48 cm
    Weight 120 kg 120 kg
    Warranty 1 year 1 year

    System Performance

    Description Specifications
    Level of multiplexing Up to 800 nucleic acid targets per assay
    Recommended amount of starting material 100ng of total RNA, or lysate from ~10,000 cells
    Sample types supported Total RNA, cell lysates in GITC, FFPE-derived total RNA, and PAXgene lysed whole blood
    Reaction volume 30 μL
    Limit of detection 0.5fM spike-in control
    Fold change sensitivity > 1.5 fold (> 5 copies per cell);
    > 2 fold change (> 1 copy per cell)
    Spike correlation R² ≥ 0.95
    Linear dynamic range 7 x 10⁵ total counts
    Prep Station throughput 12 samples < 2.5 hours
    Digital Analyzer throughput 12 samples per 2.7 hours
    Controls 6 positive and 8 negative in each reaction

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    nCounter® Prep Station Overview

    nCounter Prep Station

    The nCounter Prep Station is the automated liquid handling component of the nCounter Analysis System. It processes nucleic acid samples post-hybridization to prepare them for data collection on the nCounter Digital Analyzer. Prior to placing samples on the Prep Station, samples are hybridized according to the nCounter protocol. On the deck of the Prep Station, hybridized samples are purified and subsequently immobilized in the sample cartridge for data collection. The Prep Station can process up to 48 samples in a 10-hour time span.

    All consumable components and reagents required for sample processing on the Prep Station are provided in the nCounter Master Kit and arrive in your lab ready to load on the deck of the robot.

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    Customer Testimonial

    "NanoString enables us to do more measurements at a time than real-time PCR with the same or better sensitivity and precision." Read more...

    ››  Patrick Descombes, Ph.D.   |   The Genomics Platform   |   National Centre of Competence in Research "Frontiers in Genetics" - University of Geneva (former position)

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    nCounter® Digital Analyzer Overview

    nCounter Digital Analyzer

    The nCounter Digital Analyzer collects nucleic acid data by taking images of the immobilized fluorescent reporters in the sample cartridge with a CCD camera through a microscope objective lens. Images are processed internally and the data output files include the target identifier and count number along with a comprehensive tally of internal controls that allows each assay to be quantitative. The small data files can be distributed using a variety of methods and are easily integrated with commonly used data analysis and visualization packages.

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    nCounter Analysis System - Data Sheet

    Overview of the nCounter Analysis System and critical performance specifications.

    nCounter Analysis System and Products - Brochure

    A comprehensive system and products brochure detailing the benefits of the nCounter Analysis System including instrumentation and all application-specific products.

    For more nCounter product literature, please visit the Product Literature and Gene Lists page

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