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nCounter® lncRNA Expression Assay

Analyze up to 800 lncRNAs in a Single Reaction

The nCounter lncRNA Assay is ideal for validation of lncRNA discoveries and other studies requiring a rapid, cost-effective method of screening hundreds of lncRNAs across large sample sets. The assay allows researchers to select up to 800 lncRNAs for analysis in a single multiplexed reaction, using the proven nCounter Analysis System in use today for mRNA, miRNA, and CNV analysis. nCounter’s digital counting technology generates data with unparalleled precision and requires only 15 minutes of hands-on time to generate up to 9600 data points. Probes for lncRNAs and mRNAs can be combined in the same codeset to enable simultaneous analysis of both classes of RNA in the same reaction.

Product Highlights

  • High-precision digital quantification of lncRNAs
  • Analyze up to 800 RNAs in a single reaction
  • Quantify immunoprecipitated RNA directly with no amplification
  • 15 minutes of hands-on time for up to 9,600 data points
  • Compatible with FFPE, crude cell lysates, and other challenging sample types
  • Analyze lncRNAs and mRNAs in the same reaction

nCounter lncRNA Protocol

nCounter® lncRNA Specifications

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Description Specifications
Maximum number of probes per CodeSet 800
Recommended size of target region submitted > 200 bases
Recommended amount of starting material 100 - 500ng of total RNA
Sample types supported RNA prepared by RIP, total RNA, cell lysates in GITC, FFPE-derived total RNA and PAXgene lysed whole blood
Hybridization reaction volume 30 μL
Synthetic spike titration correlation R² ≥ 0.95
Linear dynamic range 7 x 10⁵ total counts
nCounter Prep Station throughput 12 samples < 2.5 hours
nCounter Digital Analyzer throughput 12 samples / 4 hours (up to 72 samples per day unattended running in continuous mode

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Ordering Information

Description Quantity / Use Part Number (P/N)
nCounter Custom lncRNA CodeSet Custom GXA-P1CS-XXX
nCounter Master Kit
(all reagents, sample cartridges, and consumables necessary for processing 48 or 192 assays)
48 assays
192 assays
nCounter Analysis System
(includes the Prep Station and Digital Analyzer)
1 NCT-SYS-120
Additional nCounter Prep Station 1 NCT-PREP-120
Additional nCounter Digital Analyzer 1 NCT-DIGA-120

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