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nCounter® Custom CodeSets


Custom CodeSet Highlights

  • Available for most organisms and hard to target sequences
  • Eligible for free consultation with NanoString CodeSet design team
  • Ideal for applications such as splice variation and fusion transcript detection

The Ultimate in Flexibility

NanoString enables you to assay the specific genes you wish to study, even hard to target sequences. The custom CodeSet design process begins by selecting a list of targets and submitting them to NanoString using the CodeSet Design Form. NanoString utilizes the Reference Sequence (RefSeq) database as the source for both the target sequences and the species database.

The NanoString design process leverages full-length sequences for the DNA or RNA molecules that you are interested in detecting. To prevent cross hybridization to non-target molecules in the sample, the full non-redundant dataset that represents the sequence information for a species is required.

Once the design is approved by you, our Manufacturing Group will assemble your CodeSet. All custom CodeSets undergo extensive quality-control testing before they are delivered to ensure your results meet our very high standards.

Custom CodeSet pricing is matrix based, with the price per data point declining with increasing numbers of genes and numbers of samples assayed. All the consumables and reagents for sample processing are included in the nCounter Master Kit and come ready-to-load with no separate preparations or dilutions required.

Custom CodeSet Design in 4 Easy Steps

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