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nCounter® Plex2™ Expression Assay

Multiplex in 2-Dimensions

The nCounter Plex2 Assay Kit offers a cost-effective way to analyze expression levels in multiple samples and hundreds of gene targets simultaneously in a single tube. The system can directly assay tissue and blood lysates as well as Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) extracts in a high-throughput workflow that is ideal for researchers with large numbers of samples.

Product Highlights

  • Multiplex in 2-dimensions: multiplex hundreds of targets and multiple samples (up to 4) in a single tube
  • Customizable to study size: measure between 20 - 400 customizable targets in a single tube
  • Superior precision compared to qPCR: no replicate data points required
  • Directly assay tissue extracts and whole-blood lysates, total RNA, cell lysates, and FFPE

Digital Data in a High-Throughput Format

There’s no need to sacrifice data quality when you have a high number of samples to profile. The nCounter Plex2 Expression Assay provides the same sensitive, reproducible and amplification-free method for directly detecting gene expression levels as the standard nCounter Gene Expression Assay. All nCounter assays deliver direct detection, rather than relative fluorescence, which provides superior precision in results. The Plex2 Expression assay provides researchers with this same high-quality result in a new high-throughput format that allow researchers with a large number of samples and hundreds of targets to profile to complete studies rapidly.

The Plex2 kits arrive in your lab with the highly multiplexed CodeSet and all of the reagents and consumables necessary to perform the assay. Kits are available in sample sizes of 768 or above and offer high-quality data in a high-throughput format for large study sizes.

nCounter® Plex2 Specifications

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Description Specifications
Level of multiplexing Up to 200 gene targets for 4 samples per cartridge lane
Up to 400 gene targets for 2 samples per cartridge lane
Recommended amount of starting material 150ng for 4 samples per cartridge lane
Sample types supported Total RNA, cell lysates in GITC, FFPE-derived total RNA and PAXgene lysed whole blood
Reaction volume 30 μL
Fold-change sensitivity ≥ 2-fold change (≥ 1 copy per cell)
Spike correlation R² ≥ 0.95
Linear dynamic range 7 x 10⁵ total counts
nCounter Prep Station throughput with Plex-squared 48 samples < 2.5 hours
nCounter Digital Analyzer throughput with Plex-squared 48 samples / 4 hours (up to 384* samples per day unattended running in continuous mode)
* Requires 2 Prep Stations
Controls 6 positive assay controls
8 negative assay controls

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Ordering Information

Description Quantity / Use Part Number (P/N)
nCounter Plex2 Assay
(2 samples per lane)
768 assays
960 assays
1536 assays
2304 assays
nCounter Plex2 Assay
(4 samples per lane)
768 assays
960 assays
1536 assays
2304 assays
nCounter Analysis System
(includes the Prep Station and Digital Analyzer)
1 NCT-SYS-120
Additional nCounter Prep Station 1 NCT-PREP-120
Additional nCounter Digital Analyzer 1 NCT-DIGA-120

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