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| Products Overview
  • nCounter Analysis System
  • nCounter Gene Expression Assays
  • nCounter Panel-Plus
  • nCounter Single Cell Expression Assay
  • nCounter Plex-Squared Assay
  • nCounter miRNA Expression Assays
  • nCounter miRGE Assay
  • nCounter CNV CodeSets
  • nCounter lncRNA Assay
  • nCounter ChIP-String Assay
  • nCounter Vantage™ RNA:Protein Profiling
  • nCounter® Vantage™ Gene Fusion Panels
  • nCounter® Vantage™ Gene Fusion Panels
  • nCounter Vantage 3D™ Solid Tumor Assays


nCounter® Products Overview

Analysis System

nCounter® Analysis System

Fully automated and easy-to-use, the nCounter Analysis System provides everything you need to cost-effectively complete your projects in record time.

  • Strong analytical performance - sensitive, precise, and quantitative
  • Single tube multiplexing - up to 800 genes or regions, no amplification* required
  • Easy-to-use - fully automated, intuitive user interface
  • Flexible samples - small samples from a variety of sources, including FFPE
  • Quality assurance - GMP compliant / ISO 13485 certified

Gene Fusion Panels

nCounter® Vantage™ Gene Fusion Panels

Multiplexed Gene Fusion Detection Simplified.

  • Save time and sample material with multiplexed gene fusion detection in a single tube.
  • Detect rare fusions with highly specific probes designed using patented Junction Sequence design technology.
  • Ideal for use with challenging sample types including FFPE tissue.
  • Customizable and forward compatible with our growing line of 3D Biology™ products.

solid tumor

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Solid Tumor Assays

Simultaneously profile the genotype and phenotype of limited samples with up to 800 targets spanning SNV (DNA), RNA, and total and phospho-proteins using nCounter technology for solid tumors.

  • Genotype and validate your samples with actionable SNV in 25 genes associated with solid tumors
  • Analyze 770 genes & up to 28 proteins simultaneously to unveil novel solid tumor biology
  • Low sample input: Just 5 ng DNA, 25 ng RNA, and 250 ng protein required
  • Compatible with multiple sample types, including FFPE, fresh frozen tissue, and cell lysate
  • Integrated workflow and data analysis for multi-analyte profiling
  • Sensitive digital detection

Gene Expression Assays

nCounter® Gene Expression CodeSets

High sensitivity, precision, and linearity for up to 800 transcripts in a single-tube assay.

  • Analyze up to 800 genes simultaneously
  • No RT, no enzymes, no amplification*
    *Single Cell analysis requires amplification prior to analysis on the nCounter System.
  • Direct input of multiple sample types including total RNA, cell lysate, FFPE samples, and whole-blood lysate
  • Single molecule digital counting minimizes data noise


nCounter® Panel-Plus & CodeSet-Plus

Customize your panel products by utilizing up to 30 unique Reporter Codes.

  • Compatible with all Gene Expression and CNV products including Single Cell applications
  • 30 unique Reporter Codes are universally compatible with all custom Panels and CodeSets

nCounter Vantage™ RNA Panels

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Immune Assays

Simultaneously measure gene and protein-response for 770 transcripts and up to 30 proteins in a single assay using as few as 20,000 cells (50,000 cells for PBMCs and primary cells).

  • Analyze 770 genes & 30 proteins simultaneously
  • Deliver data on more of your precious samples - low input amounts generate robust, reliable data
  • Sensitive digital detection - direct measurement of RNA & proteins, no amplification required
  • Simple integrated workflow with holistic data output - compare response across genes & proteins
  • Flexible design: Customize through the addition of up to 3 proteins of your choice with NanoString’s Protein Barcoding Service

Single Cell Expression Assay

nCounter® Single Cell Expression Assay

Highly multiplexed, single tube assay allows the analysis of 20 – 800 genes and frees you from the constraints of fixed format microfluidic platforms.

  • Analyze multiple pathways for up to 800 genes
  • No need to match gene number to a fixed format consumable
  • Obtain single cell sensitivity while minimizing amplification
  • Single molecule counting minimizes data noise

Plex-Squared Assay

nCounter® Plex²™ for Gene Expression CodeSets

Multiplex hundreds of targets and multiple samples in a single tube.

  • Customizable to study size: measure 20 - 400 targets in a single tube
  • Superior precision compared to qPCR: no replicate data points required
  • Directly assay tissue, whole-blood lysates, total RNA, cell lysates, and FFPE samples

miRNA Assays

nCounter® miRNA CodeSets

Highly sensitive, miRNA transcriptome-level multiplexing, with single-base resolution - no amplification required.

  • Multiplexed target profiling of miRNA transcriptomes in a single reaction
  • High level of sensitivity, specificity, precision, and linearity
  • Cancer research, neurobiology, developmental biology, and stem-cell research

miRGE Assay

nCounter® miRGE™ CodeSets

Provides the ability to simultaneously profile both miRNAs and mRNAs in
a single reaction.

  • Simultaneously profile miRNA and mRNA expression in a single reaction
  • Fewer pipetting steps and less preparation time means fewer errors
  • Profile FFPE samples as well as other difficult sample types

CNV CodeSets

nCounter® CNV CodeSets

Interrogate up to 800 regions of the human genome with superior reproducibility, accuracy, and linearity.

  • Multiplex up to 800 target regions in a single reaction
  • Just 25-minutes of hands-on time per 12 samples
  • High accuracy for multiallelic CNVs
  • Compatible with DNA from FFPE

lncRNA Assay

nCounter® lncRNA Assay

Study focused sets of up to 800 lncRNAs with high precision and less hands-on time than any other platform.

  • High precision, digital quantification of lncRNAs in a single reaction
  • Analyze up to 800 lncRNAs in a single reaction with no amplification
  • Compatible with FFPE crude cell lysates and other challenging sample types

ChIP-String Assay

nCounter® ChIP-String Assay

Read-out method designed to measure dsDNA fragments that have been enriched via chromatin immunoprecipitation.

  • Accurate differentiation and quantification of enriched DNA
  • Excellent correlation with ChIP-Seq results
  • Analyze up to 800 loci with 15 minutes of hands-on time

nSolver Software

nSolver™ Analysis Software

The nSolver Analysis Software is a data analysis program that offers nCounter users the ability to quickly and easily QC, normalize, and analyze their data without having to purchase additional software packages. The nSolver software also provides seamless integration and compatibility with other software packages designed for more complex analyses and visualizations.

  • Quickly import and export data to and from all nCounter assays
  • Easily design, save, and edit user-defined experiments
  • Perform customized normalization and fold change measurements

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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