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nCounter Elements TagSets
nCounter Elements™ TagSets


nCounter Elements™ Workflow

Innovation in Chemistry

Based on NanoString's patented technology, nCounter Elements™ TagSets utilize digital, molecular barcoding chemistry that allows users to assemble their own assays with other GPRs and with oligonucleotide probes (selected and sourced by the end user) that target their genes of interest. nCounter Elements™ TagSets enable highly multiplexed, direct profiling of individual molecules in a single reaction without amplification*.


nCounter Elements Reporter and Capture Tags, target-specific probes (Probes A and B), and Target molecules hybridize to one another in solution. The Reporter Tag carries the signal and the Capture Tag contains a biotin label, enabling capture on streptavidin.

Purify and Immobilize

Sample Processing: After hybridization, excess tags and oligonucleotide probes may be removed by purification while hybridized complexes can be bound to streptavidin.


Digital Data Acquisition: Barcodes can be counted and tabulated for each target molecule. Raw data are digital counts for each target nucleic acid which can be used to calculate fold-change (gene expression) or copy number calls.

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