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nCounter Tech
nCounter® Technology


Innovation After Innovation... and Counting

The nCounter Analysis System utilizes a novel digital color-coded barcode technology that is based on direct multiplexed measurement of gene expression and offers high levels of precision and sensitivity (<1 copy per cell). The technology uses molecular "barcodes" and single molecule imaging to detect and count hundreds of unique transcripts in a single reaction.

Each color-coded barcode is attached to a single target-specific probe corresponding to a gene of interest. Mixed together with controls, they form a multiplexed CodeSet.

  • Multiplex hundreds of gene targets in a single reaction
  • High sensitivity (< 1 copy per cell)
  • Fully-automated system
  • Exceptionally easy-to-use
  • No enzymes required to perform assay
  • Multiplex 800 regions from as little as 300ng of DNA
  • 10 invariant region controls included in every CodeSet
  1. Molecules That Count®
    Each color-coded barcode represents a single target molecule. Barcodes hybridize directly to your target molecules and can be individually counted without the need for amplification – providing very sensitive digital data.

  2. Hybridization
    NanoString’s Technology employs two ~50 base probes per mRNA that hybridize in solution. The Reporter Probe carries the signal; the Capture Probe allows the complex to be immobilized for data collection.

  3. Purify and Immobilize
    After hybridization, the excess probes are removed and the probe/target complexes aligned and immobilized in the nCounter Cartridge.

  4. Count
    Sample Cartridges are placed in the Digital Analyzer for data collection. Color codes on the surface of the cartridge are counted and tabulated for each target molecule.

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