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Solid Tumor Profiling


Don’t let sample volume limit your analytical aspirations. Detect DNA, RNA, and protein changes in a single assay to use less precious material and gather more informative data.

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The nCounter® Vantage 3D™ DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel and Vantage 3D RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assays are designed to provide a complete solid tumor profiling solution. With mutational analysis for 25 driver genes, plus 770 RNA and up to 28 total and phospho-proteins, you can get more information from less sample.

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Specificity that Brings Insights into Focus

The Vantage 3D DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel shows sensitive SNV detection down to 5% mutant DNA for high confidence detection in low frequency samples.

Variants present at 1-10% allele frequency are detected from 5 ng of gDNA with high confidence.

Protein detection shows high specificity with no change in signal for single-plex versus multi-plex assay formats and high concordance with gold standard techniques.

Lysate panel shows high concordance to ELISA and FFPE panel shows high concordance to IHC.

nCounter Vantage 3D DNA, RNA, and protein panels were used to monitor targeted drug therapy response on melanoma-derived cell-lines.

Drug response to Vemurafenib (+/- Trametinib) was most pronounced in the homozygous BRAF V600E cell line yielding significant changes in gene and protein expression, including the tumor-survival promoting 5’-ectonucleotidase CD73, a candidate target to improve melanoma therapy and intracellular phosphorylation state changes consistent with the mechanism of action of therapeutic kinase inhibitors.

DNA, RNA, and protein panels were used to profile melanoma FFPE samples.

The nCounter Vantage 3D DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel was used in combination with the Vantage 3D RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assays for FFPE to profile melanoma samples at baseline to determine the mutational status for 104 driver mutations from 25 genes and to establish the expression profile of these samples using 770 RNA and 26 total and phospho-protein targets.

RNA and protein expression profiles clustered according to mutation status of BRAF (WT vs. V600E). Two additional SNV were detected in the FFPE samples, APC R876 (BRAF V600E) and NRASQ61K (BRAF WT).

Further analysis demonstrates that protein targets drastically changed by treatment in the melanoma cell line study show relatively consistent profiles across genotype at baseline. However, in the small subset profiled, the sample with the activating NRAS mutation showed increased ERK phosphorylation, which is a downstream RAS target.

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FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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