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nCounter® miRNA Expression


Highly Multiplexed with Comprehensive Coverage

Built on the same innovative technology that forms the foundation of the NanoString Gene Expression CodeSets, the nCounter® miRNA Expression Assay Kits are capable of highly multiplexed, direct digital detection and counting of miRNAs in a single reaction without amplification.

Specificity That Brings Insights into Focus

At single-base resolution, the nCounter miRNA assay can accurately distinguish between highly similar miRNAs with great specificity. The innovative protocol is extremely sensitive and requires no amplification steps that might introduce bias into your results.

Designed for Cost-effective Targeted Discovery and Validation

NanoString's miRNA panels have been carefully curated to ensure the relevant content and appropriate controls to achieve excellent research results. Combined with high levels of multiplexing, digital counting, and the capacity to process up to 72 samples per 24-hour period, they provide fast and cost-effective access to thousands of data points per day.

Publishing with the nCounter miRNA Assays

nCounter miRNA Expression Assay Kits have been used to profile miRNAs from a variety of sample types, in a wide range of biological areas of research, including cell signaling and cancer biology, neuroscience, stem cell research, autophagy, infectious disease, and immunology (for these references, please visit our nCounter Publications page).

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