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nCounter Leukemia
nCounter® Leukemia


Highly Multiplexed Analysis of Specific Fusion Gene Isoforms

The nCounter Leukemia Fusion Gene Expression Assay facilitates cutting-edge research by leveraging the advantages of the nCounter Analysis System to analyze 25 fusion genes and 23 additional biomarkers in a single reaction.

Unique to the Leukemia Fusion Gene Expression Assay is the Junction Probe design which enables detection of fusion gene isoforms with high specificity. NanoString’s standard probe design using “border probes” for the detection of fusion genes can only distinguish between variants with different downstream exons. In order to differentiate fusion genes with the same downstream exon, the leukemia fusion gene assay utilizes Junction Probes which target the unique sequence spanning the fusion junction of the two exons. In Figure 1, the design of the Junction Probes is illustrated on the major and minor BCR-ABL fusion transcripts (Capture Probes and Reporter Probes are denoted CP and RP respectively). NanoString has optimized the probe design to achieve high sensitivity and specificity by sequence modification.

The nCounter Leukemia Fusion Gene Expression Assay Kit is offered for research use only (RUO) and is ideal for characterization of retrospectively or prospectively collected specimens, cell lines, and other sample types where a comprehensive profile of fusion gene isoforms and leukemia biomarkers may lead to important biological insights.

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Leukemia Fusion Junction

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