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nCounter ChIP-String
nCounter® ChIP-String
Combinatorial Patterning of Chromatin Regulators Uncovered by Genome-wide Location Analysis in Human Cells

Published work (in Cell) by the Broad Institute demonstrating the utility of the nCounter ChIP-String Assay.

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Accurate Differentiation & Quantification of DNA Enriched by ChIP

The nCounter Custom ChIP-String Assay enables analysis of up to 800 target sequences in a single multiplexed reaction by using the proven nCounter Analysis System. nCounter’s digital counting technology generates data with unparalleled precision and requires only 15 minutes of hands-on time to generate up to 9,600 data points. nCounter can quantify as little as 5ng of enriched chromatin-immunoprecipitated DNA directly with no amplification. Prior to nCounter ChIP-String analysis, samples are prepared by an appropriate ChIP protocol as defined by the user. The only sample preparation required after ChIP is denaturation of the dsDNA. The nCounter Chip-String assay is ideal for studies of chromatin modifications and associated binding proteins for focused sets of genes. Potential applications include:

  • Assessing quality of ChIP-antibodies prior to sequencing
  • Optimizing ChIP protocols or conditions prior to sequencing
  • Analysis of focused sets of targets across many samples such as RNAi knockdowns, timecourse studies or large patient populations
  • Orthogonal validation of ChIP-Seq or ChIP-Chip results

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nCounter ChIP-String Workflow

nCounter ChIP Workflow

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