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nCounter CNV
nCounter® CNV Analysis


Simplified Workflow Delivers High Quality Data, Faster

With the lowest hands-on time of any copy number variation (CNV) analysis platform, the nCounter Analysis System is ideal for studies in which large numbers of samples must be tested. Built on NanoString’s unique digital detection technology, the nCounter CNV CodeSets provide superior accuracy and reproducibility for studies of all sizes. With the nCounter CNV CodeSets, you can achieve better results, faster, and with substantially less effort than qPCR or arrays.

Rapidly And Accurately Validate Your CNVs

The nCounter CNV CodeSets combine reproducibility, accuracy, and linearity to provide unparalleled performance for validating CNV studies. High concordance with HapMap data means you can have confidence in your results. The nCounter system's linear response to increasing copy numbers makes it a powerful tool for the analysis of both bi-allelic and multi-allelic CNVs.

  • Multiplex up to 800 target regions in a single reaction
  • Just 25-minutes of hands-on time per 12 samples
  • High accuracy for multiallelic CNVs
  • Compatible with DNA from FFPE

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